★ Eunhyuk's BB (cutecrazyice) wrote,
★ Eunhyuk's BB

"This may never start, we could fall apart and I'd be your memory."

This is my personal journal. For my fanfiction stories, you can view them here or here. In the meantime, if you think we have something in common, friend away and let me know here or via PM. I'll definitely add back. :)
P.S. I've unfriended some LJ pips who haven't been active for more than a year (and who I haven't really interacted with before they disappeared). Nothing personal, so I hope there are no hard feelings.
loves: books. movies. tv shows. music. anime. manga. asianovelas. food. beaches. pretty icons. tennis. cold rainy days. Prague. coffee. cats. dogs. pandas. book/movie quotes. movie trailers. Audrey's picture posts. random PM from friends. accents. K's hyper rants. nerd sessions. sauce & his condoms! super junior. k-pop. etc

Tags: friends only
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