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♥ sparks will fly ♥

enchanted by magic, forever and ever.

★ Eunhyuk's BB
"There are times when all you want is for everything to end, for everything to go. Just escape to a place no one knows – not even yourself. So you leave your bags behind, wishing to let go, only to realize that you’re still carrying everything with you: every smile, every touch, every kiss. And yes, every single tear. You wish it could be clearer, easier, simpler. But peace never reveals itself, especially to someone who doesn't want to forget. And you look at the road in front of you, not knowing where it goes, or how it ends. And you resign to the truth that nothing ever stops; that nothing ever really ends. And then you learn that moving on is nothing but a faithless leap. So you disappear, without a trace, without saying goodbye.

It’s early morning and we still can't see the sun. Maybe, it’s still on the other side of the horizon, where all lost lovers are."

- Cotton Candy Dream, T. Cuesta